Curriculum Vitae

Mary L. Gray
Microsoft Research New England
One Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142

Research positions

  • Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research New England, 2012-present
  • Adjunct Faculty Member/Advisor to the ICT and Society Program Initiative, IIIT-Delhi, 2013-present
  • Associate Professor, The Media School, Indiana University, 2014-present

Affiliate Faculty, Gender Studies Department
Adjunct Faculty, American Studies Program
Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology Department

  • Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Culture, Indiana University, 2010-2014

Affiliate Faculty, Gender Studies Department
Adjunct Faculty, American Studies Program
Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology Department

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Culture, Indiana University, 2004-2009

Affiliate Faculty, Gender Studies Department
Adjunct Faculty, American Studies Program
Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology Department


University of California at San Diego, Ph.D. in Communication
Dissertation title: Coming of Age in a Digital Era: Youth Queering Technologies in Small Town, USA.
Dissertation committee: Susan Leigh Star and Olga Vásquez (co-chairs), Geoffrey Bowker, Steve Epstein, and Leah Lievrouw

C. Phil. in Communication

San Francisco State University, M.A. in Anthropology

Thesis title: Narratives of Youth Identities: Queer Voices, Queer Lives.
Thesis advisors: John P. DeCecco (Psychology) and Gilbert Herdt (Anthropology)
University of California at Davis

B. A. in Anthropology and Native American Studies (double major)

Senior project title: “Making Our Way:” Contemporary Roles of Alaskan Native Single Mothers in Subsistence Economies.
Project advisors: David Risling (Native American Studies) and William Davis (Anthropology)

Research and teaching interests
The intersections of digital media, information access, and cultural identity production; information economies and labor practices; queer studies; youth and public culture; ethnographic approaches to digital media studies; the pedagogy of research ethics and its relationship to the construction of scientific knowledge and practice.


On-Demand: Crowds, Platform Economies, and the Future of Work in Precarious Times [co-authored with Siddharth Suri, Microsoft Research New York City].

Data: Two years of ethnographic fieldwork, in the U.S. and India; in-depth interviews with 150+ workers and crowdsourcing platform builders; 2,700 surveys and rich, computational data collected from 4 different crowdwork platforms.

Summary: This book shines a floodlight on a world of work invisible to many of us yet core to the functioning of the Internet and the future of automating an “Internet of Things.” It looks at how these workers build collaboration, security, and value back into an economy that, by its very design, is trying to negate the need for human interaction or full-time employment.



2016    Queering the Countryside: New Frontiers in Queer Rural Studies, co-edited volume with Colin R. Johnson and Brian Gilley. New York University Press.

2009    Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America (Intersections: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Genders and Sexualities Series). New York: New York University Press, August.

  • 2009 Ruth Benedict Prize from the American Anthropological Association/Society for Lesbian and Gay Anthropology
  • 2010 Best Book Award from the American Sociological Association/Section on Sexualities
  • Honorable Mention, 2010 International Association of Qualitative Inquiry Book Award

1999    In Your Face: Stories from the Lives of Queer Youth. New York: Haworth Press (edition republished in 2008 by Routledge Press).

Peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters [in progress and published

“Vulnerable Subjects: Ethnographic Approaches to Media Studies at the Margins.” Co-authored with Jessica Lingel, in The Craft of Criticism: Critical Media Studies in Practice, Michael Kackman & Mary Celeste Kearney, Eds. (Routledge). Under revision.

2016 “The Communication Network Within the Crowd.” Co-authored with Ming Yin, Siddharth Suri, and Jennifer Wortman Vaughan. International World Wide Web Conference (WWW).

2016    “The Crowd is a Collaborative Network.” Co-authored with Siddharth Suri Syed Shoaib Ali, and Deepti Kulkarni. In the Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing – Original Papers. San Jose, CA, USA, 2016.

2015    Kingsley, S. C., Gray, M. L. and Suri, S. (2015), “Accounting for Market Frictions and Power Asymmetries in Online Labor Markets.” Policy & Internet. doi: 10.1002/poi3.111

2015    Gray, Mary L.. “Resisting a Straight Narrative: The Politics of Visibility Beyond (My) Identity Politics.” Fieldsights – Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology Online, July 21, 2015,

2015    “Putting Social Media in Its Place: A Curatorial Theory for Media’s Noisy Social Worlds” Social Media + Society, April-June.

2015    “Accessible Crowdwork? Understanding the Value in and Challenge of Microtask Employment for People with Disabilities.” Co-authored with Kathryn Zyskowski, Meredith Ringel Morris, Jeffrey P. Bigham, and Shaun Kane. In the Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing – Original Papers. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

2014    “Contextualizing Gay-Straight Alliances: Student, advisor, and structural factors related to positive youth development among members.” Co-authored with Poteat, V. P., Yoshikawa, H., Calzo, J. P., DiGiovanni, C. D., Lipkin, A., Mundy-Shephard, A., Perrotti, J., Scheer, J. R., & Shaw, M. P. Child Development.

2014    International Journal of Communication, Special Section, “Critiquing Big Data: Politics, Ethics, Epistemology” guested edited with Kate Crawford, with an editorial introduction co-authored with Kate Crawford and Kate Miltner. International Journal of Communication 8 (2014), 1663–1672

2013    “Culture Digitally: Digital In/Justice” co-authored with Nick Couldry. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 57(4): 608-617

2013    “‘Dolphins are Just Gay Sharks’: Glee and the Queer Case of Transmedia as Text and Object” co-authored with Alice Marwick and Mike Ananny. Television and New Media. Preprint Publication online February 26, 2013, DOI: 10.1177/1527476413478493

2009    “‘Queer Nation is Dead/Long Live Queer Nation’: The Politics and Poetics of Social Movement and Media Representation” Critical Studies in Media Communication. 26(3), August: 212-236.

2009    “Negotiating Identities/Queering Desires: Coming Out Online and the Remediation of the Coming Out Story” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 14(4) July.

  • Revised version reprinted in Dorothy Hodgson (ed). Gender Culture Power Reader (Oxford University Press), 2016.
  • Revised version reprinted in Julie Rak and Anna Poletti (eds). Identity Technologies: Producing Online Selves (University of Wisconsin Press), in press.

2007    “From Websites to Wal-Mart: Youth, Identity Work, and the Queering of Boundary Publics in Small Town, USA” American Studies. Forum on “Queer Rural Studies” edited by John Howard. 48(2), Summer: 5-15.

  • Revised version in Stombler, Mindy and Dawn M. Baunach, eds. Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader, Fourth edition. Prentice Hall (under review).
  • Revised version in Monaghan, L., J. Goodman, J.M. Robinson, eds. A Cultural Approach to Interpersonal Communication: Essential Readings, Second Edition. Malden, MA:  Blackwell, 2012.
  • Revised version reprinted in Christopher Pullen and Margaret Cooper (eds). LGBT Identity and Online New Media (Routledge Press, 2010), Chapter 21: 288-298.

2004    “Finding pride and the struggle for freedom to assemble: The case of queer youth in U.S. schools” in G. Goodman and K. Carey (eds.) Critical Multicultural Conversations. Hampton Press, 39-62.

Public service writing

2016  “Your job is about to get ‘taskified‘” Los Angeles Times Op-Ed. January 10.

2015    “Caring for the ‘Crowdworker’ Going It Alone” as part of “The Future of Work and Workers,’’ Series, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and run by The Center for Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) in Pacific Standard 21 August, 2015

2015    “Fixing the Chaotic Crowdworker Economy” in Bloomberg News 12 August, 2015

2014    “Why LGBT Communities and Our Allies Should Care about Net Neutrality,” in Huffington Post, November 12.

2014    “When Science, Customer Service, and Human Subjects Research Collide. Now What?” in Ethnography Matters, July 7.

2014    “A Vision For Inclusion: An LGBT Broadband Future” co-authored with Jessie Daniels for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender) Technology Partnership, Time Warner Cable Research Program on Digital Communications Essay Series.

2014    “Matrix Algebra: How To Be Human In A Digital Economy” co-authored with Sara C. Kingsley. Center for Popular Economics, April 1.

2012    Review essay of “Homophobias: lust and loathing across time and space” by David A. B. Murray. American Ethnologist 39(2), May.

2009    From Fags to Dudes: The Construction of Adolescent Masculinities through Sexualizing Discourses (review of “Dude, You’re a Fag” by C.J. Pascoe). GLQ 15(1), Winter: 183-185.

2008    “Rethinking the Section Assembly’s Role in Governance” with Florence Babb Anthropology News 49(5), May: 24.

2007    Review essay of “Business Not Politics: The Making of the Gay Market” by Katherine Sender. International Journal of Communication 1(1): 111-115.

2007    “Face Value” Contexts: A publication of the American Sociological Association Volume 6(2), Spring: 73-75.

2005    “Lesbians and the Internet” co-authored with Mary Bryson, Youth, Education, and Sexualities: An International Encyclopedia. J.T. Sears, ed. Greenwood Press, 437-440.

2003    “The Plasticity of Vulnerability: Research with a Stigmatized Community” Anthropology News 44(8), November: 19.

Awards, fellowships, grants, and residencies

2015    Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet and Society Faculty Fellowship

2011    Microsoft Research New England, Visiting Researcher Residential Fellowship, Cambridge, MA (salaried position, January 10-June 30, 2011)

2010    Indiana University’s GLBT Student Support Services Office Spirit Award

2010    American Anthropological Association’s President’s Award

2010    Indiana University College Arts and Humanities Institute Workshop Grant for Queering the Countryside: New Directions in Rural Queer Studies ($9,500)

2009    Indiana University Trustee’s Teaching Award ($2,500)

2008    American Psychological Foundation of the American Psychological Association, Wayne F. Placek Investigator Development Award in support of the pilot project Vulnerable Subjects: Scientific Practice, Institutional Review, and the Politics of Sex Research ($3,000)

2008    Overseas Conference Fund, Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs ($1,670)

2008    Indiana University College Arts and Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship Award (full leave for Spring 2008)

2008    Community Outreach and Partnerships in Service-Learning (COPSL) Faculty Fellow ($1,000)

2008    5th Annual PRIDE Film Festival campus funding, including a Horizons of Knowledge Grant for visiting scholars’ honoraria ($7,000)

2006    Indiana University New Frontiers Grants in the Arts and Humanities award for support of the “Homeland Insecurities: Sexuality, Citizenship, and Empire: An interdisciplinary, international conference” scheduled for November 2007; co-applicants: Suzanna Walters, Jean Robinson, Heidi Ross and Maria Bucur ($20,000)

2006    Indiana University Campus Writing Program Summer Writing-Teaching Grant ($1,500)

2006    Indiana University Department of Communication and Culture Travel Fund Award ($750)

2005    Indiana University Summer Faculty Fellowship from OVPR award and IUB National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend nomination ($8,000)

2005    Indiana University Multidisciplinary Ventures and Seminar Fund award for support of the “Homeland Insecurities: Sexuality, Citizenship, and Empire” 2005-06 lecture series; co-applicants: Suzanna Walters, Jean Robinson, Heidi Ross and Maria Bucur ($5,000)

2004    Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences Summer Faculty Fellowship award ($8,000)

2003    Social Science Research Council—Sexuality Research Fellowship ($28,000, plus $6,000 administered by institution and advisor)

2003    National Association of Student Anthropologists Travel Award ($100)

2003    UC San Diego Department of Communication Dissertation Fellowship ($4,000)

2003    Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) “Honorable Mention” Research Award

2002    GLAAD Center for the Study of Media and Society Dissertation Fellowship Award ($5,000)

2001    UC San Diego Department of Communication “Teaching Excellence Award” ($100)

1997    Haworth Press “Young Scholar’s Grant” recipient for the completion of In Your Face: Stories from the Lives of Queer Youth ($1,000)

1997    Chosen as “One of 30 Leaders Under Thirty Impacting Gay and Lesbian Lives” by the national gay and lesbian magazine, The Advocate, in their cover story, July

1997    Honored as the “LYRIC Champion: Volunteer of the Year” awarded by Northern California youth agency, Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC)

1995    Second Place, Southwestern Anthropological Association Paper Award

1992    UC Davis Presidential Undergraduate Research Fellowship ($3,000)

1992    UC Davis Women’s Resources and Research Center Research Grant, ($1,000)

Invited talks (selected)

2015      Human Computation 2015 Keynote, November 9, San Diego, CA.

2015      Berkman Center for Internet and Society, lunch presentation, November        3, Harvard University.

2015      Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards (CAREB) Annual Meeting Keynote Address, Vancouver, May 1.

2015    Northwestern University Media, Technology & Society (MTS) Speaker Series. “Re-assembling the Assembly Line: Digital Labor Economies and Demands for an Ambient Workforce” 6 April.

2014    Masterclass: From “the player” to “the crowd”: Locating the subjects of a digital ethnography. Digital Ethnography Research Centre. RMIT University Melbourne, Australia. 17-18 December.

2014      University of Southern California Civic Paths Lecture Series. “Re-assembling the Assembly Line: Digital Labor Economies and the Demand for an Ambient Workforce” December 10.

2014    “The Future of Internet Research: What We Can Learn from the Facebook Emotional Contagion Study.” Webinar presentation, with Christian Sandvig and Elizabeth Buchanan, for Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R), 30 October.

2014      Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University, Keynote: Internet, Politics and Policy Biannual Meeting, September 24-27.

2014    Workshop on Craft of Criticism, University of Notre Dame, April 24-26.

2014      Keynote speaker, Out and Proud Diversity Week , Clemson University, April 15.

2014      Speaker, University of California, Irvine, April 11-12.

2014      Speaker, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 1.

2014      Lecture, “Social Science Makes Big Data Better”, Microsoft TechFest, March 4, 3:30 PM.

2014      Discussant, MIT symposium on Gender & Technology, February 22.

2013      Speaker, Algorithms, Architectures and Archives Conference, Institute for the Humanities and Digital Currents, University of Michigan, November 18-19.

2013      “Fieldwork in Digital Media Studies (Challenges, Dealing With Data, Recognizing Data)”. Guest Lecture, S.N. School of Communication, University of Hyderabad, November 1.

2013      Plenary presentation and workshop at the German American Studies Association Meetings, Erlangen, Germany, June 1.

2013    Guest Speaker, Drexel University “Ethics of Digital Methods” Workshop, March 13-15.

2013    Speaker, Graduate School of Education Colloquium, Harvard University, April 25.

2013    Speaker, Comparative Media Studies Departmental Colloquium, MIT, April 18.

2012    Plenary, Association of Internet Researchers 13th Annual Meeting, Manchester UK, October 19.

2012    UC Berkeley Center for New Media Colloquium, UCB, November 13.

2011    Keynote, University of Sussex, for Hard Science? Sex, Science and Technology Brighton and Sussex Sexualities Network 5th Annual Conference, September 15.

2011    Guest speaker, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH: April 7-8.

2011    Newcomb College Institute’s 2011 Martha Custard Lecture, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA: Monday April 4.

2010    Co-convener, Queering the Countryside: New Directions in Rural Queer Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN: November 6-7.

2010    Guest speaker, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK: October 18-20.

2010    Guest speaker, Parkland College, Urbana, IL: Monday, October 11.

2010    Plenary presentation for Queering the Middle: Sexual Diasporas, Race, and a Queer Midwest, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL: October 7-8.

2010    Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics Lecture Series, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN: Friday 1:30PM, September 24.

2010    Arizona State University’s Social Justice and Inquiry Spring Colloquium, Tempe, AZ: Wednesday 5PM, March 10.

2010    Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, Cambridge, MA: Wednesday 6:30PM-9PM, February 10.

2010    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN: February 17-19.

2010    DePauw University, Greencastle, IN: Tuesday 5:30PM, March 2.

2010    Eastern Illinois University, Women’s History and Awareness Month, Charleston, IL: Thursday March 4.

2010    Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Cambridge, MA: Tuesday 12:30PM, February 9 2010

§  Webcast of the Berkman talk and a podcast of a conversation with Berkman Fellow David Weinberger, produced by Daniel Dennis Jones

2010    Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY: Thursday 11AM, January 14.

2009    “Beyond the “online/offline” binary: Blurring the boundaries of queer youth visibility in the rural United States” Guest Lecture, Film and Media Studies Program, Swarthmore College, November 30.

2009    “Queering Visibility Out in the Country” Guest Lecture, School of Communication, Hofstra University, October 2.

2009    “Queer Kids Here? Mediating the Politics of Gay Visibility in Rural America” Invited paper for the Emerging Rural, Nonmetropolitan, and Working-Class Perspectives in LGBTQ Studies Symposium, sponsored by the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, October 2.

2009    “Cartographies of Rural Sexual Desire” Invited talk presented to the New Media Studies Working Group, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, July 28.

2009    “You’ve got to fight for your right…to marry? A queer feminist critique of same-sex marriage (or why I want to divorce the gay and lesbian non-profit industrial complex)” Plenary presentation for the Feminist Futures Conference sponsored by the Unit for Criticism and Interpretative Theory, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, May 7-8.

2009    “You Want to Study WHAT?” Negotiating Institutional Review Board Approval for Lavender Language Research” Workshop for the 16th Annual Lavender Languages Conference, Washington D.C., February 13-16.

2008    “Engaging vulnerable subjects: Queering social science research at the twilight of the public university.” Plenary presentation delivered at the 10th Annual Queer Studies Conference, Los Angeles, October 10-11.

2006    “School’s Out! GSAs in the Press.” Presented as part of the “Leroy F. Aarons Summer Institute on Sexual Orientation Issues in the News” at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) 89th Annual Convention. The AEJMC Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Interest Group and the Annenberg School for Communication sponsor the Institute in San Francisco, California August 2-5.

2004    “Multi-sited work over the Internet: What kind of ethnography happens online?” Presented to the NSF-funded Science, Technology Studies symposium, “Studying Up—the Problems and Prospects of Multi-Sited Ethnography,” UC Berkeley, Gene Rochlin, convener, February 1-3.

2003    “On Methods: Pondering The “Newness” Of New Media Studies In A Not-So-Run-Of-The-Mill Ethnography” Invited Paper For The New Research For New Media: Innovative Research Methods Symposium, September 9, University of Minnesota.

Scholarly meetings

2015    49th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. “The On-Demand Economy’s Invisible Engine: Valuing the Organic Collaboration Fueling Crowdsourcing Labor Markets” Collective Intelligence and Crowdsourcing Workshop, 5 January.

2015    Association of American Geographers “Working for Legitimacy: Unpacking the Gender Dynamics of Digital Production in the Lives of South Indian Women” AAG Meetings, 23 April.

2015    Fiesler, C., Young, A., Peyton, T., Bruckman, A., Gray, M., Hancock, J. and Lutters, W. (2015.) “Ethics for Studying Online Sociotechnical Systems in a Big Data World.” In the Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing – Extended Abstracts. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

2014    American Anthropological Association 113th Annual Meeting: Invited Session Roundtable, “The No Future of Queer Anthropology” Washington, D.C.: December 5.

2014    Digital Labor: Sweatshops, Picket Lines, Barricades. Paper Presentation: Facing the Crowd: Past, Present, and Futures of Digital Labor. November 15, 2014 New School, NYC

2014    Microsoft Research Faculty Summit “Crowds are People Too!” Invited Session as a part of “Hot Topics” chaired by Jeanette Wing. Redmond, WA: July 14.

2014    Microsoft Research Faculty Summit “When Data Science & Human Subject Research Collide: Ethics, Implications, Responsibilities.” Session Chair. Redmond, WA: July 14.

2014    International Association of Media and Communication Research “Making Sense of Crowdwork: A Grounded Approach to the Political Economies of Digital Labor” co-authored with Syed Shoaib Ali, Deepti Desai, and Siddharth Suri. Hyderabad, India: July

2013    American Anthropological Association 112th Annual Meeting: Chair/Co-Organizer, “Producing Digital Publics from Gaming to Crowdsourcing” and Paper Presentation, “The Geopolitics of Amazon Mechanical Turk” Chicago: November 22.

2013    ICT and Labor Workshop invited paper presentation, “The Geopolitics of Crowdsourcing” Sorbonne, Paris France: May 28-29.

2013    Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meetings, Chair Roundtable Discussion of The Net Effect, Boston, MA: March 22.

2012    American Anthropological Association 111th Annual Meeting, Invited Session Paper Presentation, “Anthropology as BIG DATA: Making the case for shifting from models of scale to metaphors of dimension in social inquiry” San Francisco, CA: November 16.

2012    Association of Internet Researchers 13th Annual Meeting, Roundtable Presentation, “Politics of Platforms” Manchester, UK: October 20.

2012    Society for the Sociological Study of Science (4S), Paper Presentation, “Queering Technological Infrastructures? Anatomy of a Paradox” Copenhagen, Netherlands: October 18.

2012    American Sociological Association 107th Annual Meeting, Roundtable Convenor, Preconference of the Sexualities Section Workshop, Crossing Boundaries: Workshopping Sexualities sponsored by the NSF and the ASA.

2011    American Anthropological Association 110th Annual Meeting, Invited Session Paper Presentation, “Dolphins are Just Gay Sharks”: Transmediating Queer Audiences and Characters on Glee” Montréal, Canada: Thursday, November 17.

2011    American Anthropological Association 110th Annual Meeting, Discussant for Invited Session, “Queer Feminist Futures: Temporalities of Gender, Sexuality, and Justice in an Age of Neoliberal Risk and (in)Security.” Montréal, Canada: Wednesday, November 16.

2011    American Anthropological Association 110th Annual Meeting, Roundtable Participant, “Queer Anthropology: Methods, Diasporas, Legacies.” Montréal, Canada: Wednesday, November 16.

2011    Oxford Internet Institute Symposium, A Decade in Internet Time Paper Presentation “The Erotics of ‘Local’ Connections: Mediating Gender, Sexuality, and Intimacy Online” Oxford, England: September 22.

2011    International Communication Association Pre-conference Workshop Panelist, “Promotion and Tenure: People and Politics…Talking About What Nobody Wants to Talk About,” Boston, MA: May 26.

2011    Digital Media and Learning Conference, Invited Session Paper Presentation: “Living a Networked Public Life” Long Beach, CA: Friday 11AM-12:30PM, March 4.

2010    “Look, kiddo…”: Finding community in Newton’s Cherry Grove” Invited Session, paper presentation for “The Mother (Camp) of Us All: LGBT Anthropology Honors Esther Newton,” American Anthropological Association 109th Annual Meetings, New Orleans, LA: Friday 1:45PM, November 19.

2009    “Managing risky subjects: Queer anthropology and the banality of research compliance cyberinfrastructures” Presidential Session paper presentation at the 108th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, Philadelphia, PA November 28–December 2.

2009    “Feminist anthropology meets queer anthropology: A tribute to the work of Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy” co-organizer/co-chair of this Invited Session (co-sponsored by SOLGA and AFA Sections) at the 108th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, Philadelphia, PA November 28–December 2.

2009    “Being Difficult?/!: Imagining Now the Futures of “Critical” Internet Studies” Invited Roundtable Discussion The Association for Internet Researcher’s 10th Annual Conference, Internet: Critical, Milwaukee, WI, October 8-10, 2009

2009    “Negotiating Identities/Remediating queer desires: Coming Out and Coming of Age online” Invited Roundtable paper presentation, Communication and Information Technologies section for the 104th American Sociological Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA August 8-11.

2009    “Risky business: Constructing (Queer) Human Subjects in the wake of neoliberal systems of ethics regulation” Presentation for the 16th Annual Lavender Languages Conference, Washington D.C., February 13-16.

2008    “From websites to drag at the Wal-Mart: Rethinking the boundaries of public space and the constitution of queer youth communities in the rural United States” Association of Internet Researchers Conference 9.0 in Copenhagen, October 16–19.

2008    “Negotiating Identities/Queering Desires: Coming Out Online and the Remediation of the Coming Out Story” Sponsored session (Queer Caucus) 2008 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, March 6–9.

2007    “Mentoring LGBTQ Students: Marketing Your (Queer) Self Successfully For Employment Inside and Outside Academe” Invited session (SOLGA Section) roundtable at the 106th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, November 28–December 2.

2007    “Outwit, outlast, outplay: The politics and poetics of studying rural youth sexuality in this day and age” Special session paper presentation for the 102nd American Sociological Association Annual Conference, August 11-14.

2007    “Discovering Self on The Discovery Channel: Trans Youth” Invited session (GLBT Interest Group) paper presentation for the 57th International Communication Association Annual Conference, May 24-28.

2007    “Sex Research Meets Sexuality Studies: Unholy Alliance or Match Made in Heaven?” paper presentation for the Future of Sexuality Research: Methodological to Social Policy Innovations. Inaugural Conference of University Consortium for Sex Research and Training (UCSRT), April 9-11.

2007    “From queer objects to sexual subjects: rethinking queer visibility in U.S. popular cinema.” Presented at the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, January 26.

2006    “Too old to get close: The politics, pressures, and pleasures of fieldwork on youth sexuality in the U.S.” Invited panel (SANA Section) at the 105th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, November 15- November 19.

2006    “You Can’t Do That!: The Ethics and Pragmatics of Ethnographic Approaches To New Media Research.” Paper presentation for The 2nd International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, May 4-May 6.

2006    “‘You can’t do that!’ The ethics and pragmatics of ethnographic approaches to new media research.” Presented at Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics Colloquium, Indiana University, Bloomington, February 17.

2005    “Bringing the past [back] into the present: Exploring the present tense of history in queer lives—Part 1, Part 2, and roundtable” Invited panel (SOLGA Section) double session and roundtable co-chair, co-organizer, and discussant at the 104th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, November 30- December 4.

2005    “From Websites to Wal-Mart: Identity work and the productive fragility of boundary publics” Paper presentation for the American Studies Association Annual Meeting, November 3-6.

2005    “’It was like seeing me for the first time’”: Young rural women engaging genres of queer realness” Invited session (Feminist Scholarship Division) paper presentation for the 55th International Communication Association Annual Conference, May.

2005    “Passing class: Trans youth negotiating ‘realness’ in the rural United States.” Paper presentation for the invited panel, Sexual Subjectivities, the State, and Queer Discourses at Trans/Positions: Transnational, Transgender, Transdisciplinary, Transcultural A Conference on Feminist Inquiry in Transit held at Purdue University, April 7-9.

2003    “Do no harm? Ad-hoc ethics and the Institutional Review Board process or “Well, whatever you do, don’t let them call you from home!” Invited panel of the 102nd American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, November.

2001    “Looking for love in all the wrong places: Methodological notes on studies of sexual practice and online communities.” Invited panel of the 100th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, November.

2000    “Troubling engagements: Queer youth, specters of pedophilia, and the politics of engaged queer anthropology.” Invited panel of the 99th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, November.

1999    “Smearing queer meaning: Exploring queer diasporas in contemporary contexts.” Co-chair and presenter. Invited panel of the 98th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, November.

1999    “Virtually queer: Identities online.” Invited session (GLBT Interest Group); paper presentation for the 49th International Communication Association Annual Conference, May.

1998    “Queer youth presence on the Internet.” Paper presentation for the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies Conference, Queer Globalization/Local Homosexualities, CUNY, NYC April 29-May 3.

1995    “Queer realities: Putting theory to the test: The use of oral history as methodology in queer theory.” Paper presentation for the 5th Annual National Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Graduate Student Conference, USC, March 23-26.

1995    “Virtual culture: Surfing for collective identity and the (trans)locality of culture on the Internet.” Paper presentation for the Southwestern Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, San Francisco, CA, April 6-8.

Community presentations and media appearances
2014    Guest on The Communicators, hosted by Joseph Marks, C-SPAN. December 3.

2014    Data Overflows Online, Researchers Grapple With Ethics Interview feature. New York Times, August 13.

2014    Community Building for LGBT Youth and Their Allies Workshop, MIT Media Lab, Scratch Team, May 19.

2010    Guest on Eight Forty-Eight, hosted by Alison Cuddy, WBEZ, 91.5FM, Chicago,IL: Thursday October 28 2010.

2010    Spencer PRIDE and White River Valley Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) Meeting and Screening of Out in the Silence, Spencer, IN: Sunday 5:30PM, October 10 2010.

2010    Seymour Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), Seymour, IN: Sunday 5PM, September 26.

2010    1n10 Youth Center, Phoenix, AZ: Tuesday March 9.

2010    Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, AZ: Thursday 7PM, March 11.

2010    The Emily Rooney Show, WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston, MA: Wednesday February 10 2010

2010    Noon Edition, WFIU, 103.7FM, Bloomington, IN: Friday 12PM, January 22.

2010    State of Affairs, WFPL, 89.3FM, Louisville, KY: Monday 1PM, January 25.

2010    7th Annual PRIDE Film Festival, Buskirk Chumley Theater in Bloomington, IN: Saturday 2PM, January 30.

2009    Bloomington High School South’s Gay Straight Alliance, Bloomington, IN: Wednesday December 16.

2009    Giovanni’s Room, Philadelphia, PA: 5:30PM, December 1

2009    A Different Light Bookstore, San Francisco, CA: Thursday 7:30PM, November 19

2009    Lambda Rising Bookstore in Washington D.C.: Thursday 6:30PM, October 29

2009    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center’s Second Tuesday Series, NYC, NY: Tuesday 6PM, October 13

2009    Boxcar Books, Bloomington, IN: Thursday 8:30PM, September 24

2009    Louisville Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), Louisville, KY: Sunday 3PM-4PM, September 20

2009    Carmichael’s Bookstores, Louisville, KY: Friday 7PM, September 18

2009    bloomingOUT Radio, Bloomington, IN: Thursday 6PM, September 3

2009    Think with Krys Boyd on KERA 90.1FM Dallas, TX: Wednesday 12PM-1PM, August 26 2009 (archived podcast of the show available at:

2009    The Michelangelo Signorile Show on Out-Q, Sirius XM Radio: Tuesday 4:30PM, August 25

2008    “Incite!/Insight?: FTM and Lesbian Representations Pushing the Dialogue” Panel organizer, participant, and moderator with Judith Halberstam, Susan Stryker, and Suzanna Walters, Bloomington, January 26.

2007    “What is New Queer Cinema?” Panel presentation in conjunction with the Departments of Communication and Culture and Gender Studies at the 4th Annual PRIDE Film Festival in Bloomington, January 25.

Professional service

Leadership and participation in scholarly communities

  • Digital Ethnography Research Centre: Advisory Board Member, 2013-present
  • American Anthropological Association (AAA): Executive Program Committee Chair, appointed in 2012 for 2014 meetings: 6,279 participants; 77 countries represented; 1,141 scholarly presentations
  • American Anthropological Association (AAA): Executive Program Committee member, appointed in 2012 for 2013 meetings
  • American Anthropological Association (AAA): Committee on Public Policy (CoPP), appointed in 2009 for 2010-12 appointment; serving as the CoPP liaison to the Section Assembly
  • American Anthropological Association (AAA): Executive Board Member (Section Assembly seat) and Section Assembly Convenor, elected in 2008 for 2008-10 appointment
  • American Anthropological Association (AAA): Section Assembly Convenor-Elect of the American Anthropological Association, elected in 2006 for a 2006-2008 appointment
  • Ex-officio Board member, Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists (SOLGA), a section of the American Anthropological Association, 2007-2008 appointment

AAA section memberships:

  • Association for Queer Anthropology (AQA); Association of Feminist Anthropology (AFA); Society for the Anthropology of North America (SANA)

American Sociological Association section memberships:

  • Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology (CITAMS); Sexuality Studies Interest Group

Other Scholarly Associations participation:

  • Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR)
  • American Studies Association
  • International Communication Association (ICA)
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS)

Editorial boards and peer reviewing

Editorial Board Member: Social Media and Society, 2014-present

Editorial Board Member: Television and New Media, 2014-present

Advisory Board Member: QED: A Journal of GLBTQ Worldmaking, 2013-present

Editorial Board Member: The International Journal of Communication 2012-present

Editorial Board Member: Feminist Media Studies book series, University of Illinois Press, 2012-present

Editorial Board Member: The Journal of Homosexuality 2004-present

Manuscript Reviewer: MIT Press, 2009-present

Manuscript Reviewer: NYU Press, 2009-present

Manuscript Reviewer: Current Anthropology, 2006-present

Manuscript Reviewer: GLQ, 2007-present

Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 2006-present

Manuscript Reviewer: New Media and Society, 2003-present

Manuscript Reviewer: International Communication Association GLBT Studies Interest Group, 2000-present

Manuscript Reviewer: Association of Internet Researchers, 2007-present

Proposal Reviewer: National Science Foundation, Science, Technology, and Society Program, 2008-present

Participation in university academic programs

Affiliate Faculty Member, Gender Studies Department, Indiana University

Adjunct Faculty Member, American Studies Program, Indiana University

Adjunct Faculty Member, Anthropology Department, Indiana University

Departmental service experience

Tenure and Promotion Committee (chaired evaluation of research for junior colleague), 2012

Co-chair of the Memorial Symposium in honor of Alexander M. Doty, 2012

Digital/Social Media Studies faculty position Search Committee, 2011-12

Graduate Affairs Committee, 2011-12

Tenure and Promotion Committee, 2010

Undergraduate Affairs Committee, 2009-2010

Communication and Culture M.A. Exam Committee, 2008-09

Elected member of the Communication and Culture Executive Committee, 2008-09

Digital Media Studies faculty position Search Committee, 2007-08

Dialogue Across the Disciplines CMCL presentation on “scholar activism” March 28, 2008

Colloquium and Lecture Series Committee, 2004-2006

Equipment, Technology, and Space Committee, Fall 2006

Panel Moderator for CMCL’s Film Indiana Conference, September 14-16, 2007

MA Exam Committee, 2006-07

Merit-Salary Committee, 2005-06

Brown bag presentation on Job Talks for CMCL, September 9, 2005

Reader for the C122 Interpersonal Communication Ethnography prize, 2004-05

Graduate student travel grant award review committee, 2004-05

Campus service experience

Co-founder, along with Mark Deuze and Mike Conway, of Media@IU initiative, Present

Bloomington Faculty Council Benefits Committee Co-chair, 2010-2012

Informatics Ph.D. minor Faculty Advisory Committee, 2010-2012

University Faculty Council Bloomington Campus Officer, Fall 2010

Bloomington Faculty Council, Agenda Committee member, Parliamentarian, Fall 2010

Bloomington Faculty Council, 2009-2010

University Faculty Council Bloomington Campus Delegate, 2008-09

Gender Studies Institute Development Committee, 2008-09

Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics at Indiana University, PhD Minor Faculty Advisory Board member, nominated Spring 2010 to serve as an on-going member

Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics at Indiana University, Faculty Advisory Board member, nominated Spring 2008 to serve as an on-going member

Member of the Gender Studies Department ad-hoc Gender Studies Institute proposal committee, Fall 2008

Elected member of the Gender Studies Department Advisory (Executive) Committee, 2007-08

Program in Leadership, Ethics, and Social Action (LESA) Faculty Advisory Board member, nominated Fall 2006 to serve 2006-2009

Bloomington Faculty Council Faculty Affairs Committee, 2009-2010

Bloomington Faculty Council Fringe Benefits Committee (FBC), Spring 2005- 2012

Search Committee member for the new Campus Institutional Review Board Director (at the request of Peter Finn, Campus IRB Chair, Professor of Psychology, and Chair of the Hiring Committee) Fall 2007

Gender Studies representative to the Hiring Committee for COAS academic advisor (covering Gender Studies, African-American and African Diaspora Studies, and the Latino Studies program), Summer 2006

Chair of the BFC Fringe Benefits Committee subcommittee on socially responsible investment options, 2005-06

Media Services Advisory Group, 2004-2012

Reader for the American Studies Program Graduate Student Paper competition, 2006-2012

Co-organizer of the “Homeland Insecurities: Sexuality, Citizenship, and Empire” lecture series in coordination with Suzanna Walters, Gender Studies, 2005-06

Steering committee for the Gender Studies 2006-07 international conference on “Homeland Insecurities, Sexuality, Citizenship, and Empire,” 2005-06

Gender Studies ad-hoc committee to draft merit-salary policy and committee structure, Fall 2005

Reader for the Barbara Gray undergraduate Student Paper competition in Gender Studies, Fall 2005

Gender Studies Department retreat participant, Summer 2005

Faculty Marshall for the IU COAS Graduation Commencement Ceremonies, Spring 2005

Faculty and Staff for Student Excellence (FASE) Mentoring program, 2004-05

Other professional and community service

Adult Ally and Mentor, Fourth Friday Alliance, Bloomington, IN; I mentor a coalition of youth representing Gay Straight Alliances and Diversity Clubs based in high schools from the surrounding area of southern Indiana, 2008-2012

Community leader, Statewide Fairness Coalition, Rural Organizing Project; I am working with Kentucky’s alliance of community-based LGBT advocacy organizations to develop a “listening tour” using Out in the Country: Youth, Media and Queer Visibility in Rural America to facilitate discussion of rural community’s specific needs, 2008-2012

Co-presenter (with Colin Johnson) for a day-long student leadership training sponsored by the IU GLBT Student Services Office, April 3, 2009

Panelist for a campus roundtable and discussion on “Same-Sex Marriage and the 2008 Elections” co-sponsored by the Gender Studies Department and the Institute for Advanced Studies, December 3, 2008

Panelist for campus teach-in discussion of the politics of the 2008 elections, sponsored by the American Studies Program, October 30, 2008

Panelist for the CMCL MA Exam Brown Bag, October 24, 2008

Campus moderator for campus Bloomington Pride Film Festival presentation series, 2005-2008

Co-chair, Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists (SOLGA), a section of the American Anthropological Association, elected in 2004 for 2005-2007 appointment

Grant reviewer, AAA Race and Human Variation Project, 2005

Chair, Steering Committee: Bloomington PRIDE LGBTQ Film Festival, 2005-2008

National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Leroy Aarons Scholarship Selection Committee, 2006-present

Interviewed on BloomingOUT public radio program regarding LGBT studies available on the IU campus and in CMCL, December 6, 2005 USENET Newsgroup: co-founder, co-moderator, 1994-2004

Teaching experience and student mentoring

Courses taught

(Spring 2014) C506: Graduate Seminar in Media Studies Methods

(Spring 2012) C620, Ethnographic Approaches to Digital Media Studies

(Fall 2011) On Sabbatical

(Spring 2011) On Leave

(Fall 2010) On Leave

(Spring 2010) C337, New Media and Society; C626, Introduction to Digital Cultures

(Fall 2009) C545, Introduction to Pedagogy in Communication & Culture; C385, Communication, Culture, and Community: Service-learning and community-based media production (topic: 7th annual PRIDE Film Festival)

(Spring 2009) C337, New Media and Society; C620, Ethnographic Approaches to New Media Research

(Fall 2008) C545, Introduction to Pedagogy in Communication & Culture; C445, Media, Culture, and Politics: Media, Social Movements and the Politics of Representing Dissent

(Fall 2007) C334/G302, Queering Sexuality and Gender in the Media (intensive writing); C620, Ethnographic Approaches to New Media Research

(Fall 2006) C203, Gender, Sexuality and the Media: Introduction to Queer Representations in U.S. Popular Cinema; C334, Communication, Culture, and Community: Community-based media production of the 4th Annual Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival

(Spring 2006) C203, Gender, Sexuality and the Media: Introduction to Queer Representations in U.S. Popular Cinema [new course]; C203/HON299, Honor’s section of C203; C620, Ethnographic Approaches to New Media Research [new graduate course]

(Fall 2005) C445, Media, Culture, and Politics: Media, Social Movements, and the Politics of Representing Dissent [new course]; C334, Queering Sexuality and Gender in the Media; C382, service-learning undergraduate internship experience producing the Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival [new course and model for departmental-wide stand alone service-learning course]

(Spring 2005) C337, New Media and Society; C334, Queering Sexuality and Gender in the Media

(Fall 2004) C337, New Media and Society [new course]; C334, Queering Sexuality and Gender in the Media [new course]

Visiting Lecturer, Louisville, Kentucky, Spring 2003: University of Louisville, Women’s Studies Department: Gender and Public Dialogue

Lecturer, San Diego, California, 2000-01: UCSD Warren Writing Program: Society and the Individual; Embodying Sex, Gender, Class and Race: The Rhetoric of Performativity

Co-lecturer, San Francisco, California, 9/95-5/96: SFSU Construction of the “culture” concept and its impact on the notions of ethnicity, gender, economy, and space/geography. The course explored the notion of culture as an object of analysis from the vantage points of the four co-disciplines of anthropology.

Instructor, San Francisco, California, 5/96-9/96: SFSU HIV, Queer Youth and the Cyberworld. Weekly eight hour computer training seminars demonstrating the uses of various multi-media software applications and the Internet for Communities United Against Violence (CUAV), Health Initiatives For Youth (HIFY) an HIV/AIDS youth information and educational center in collaboration with SFSU. The participants were twenty “at risk” or HIV+ youth ranging in ages from 16 to 25.

Student mentorship

PhD research committees:
  • Samuel Buelow (dissertation co-chair)
  • Aleena Chia (dissertation chair)
  • Jeremiah Donovan (dissertation chair)
  • Sarah Florini
  • Mack Hagood (dissertation chair)
  • Lori Henson (Journalism)
  • J. Nathan Matias (MIT Media Lab)
  • Mark Miyake (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Korryn D. Mozisek
  • Kara Patterson
  • Jason Qualls (dissertation chair)
  • Mitali Thakor (MIT HASTS)
  • Issac West
  • Bryan-Mitchell Young (dissertation co-chair)
PhD advisory committees:
  • Anwar Alsaad (Near Eastern Languages and Culture)
  • Jenna Basiliere (Gender Studies)
  • Antonio Golán
  • Inna Kouper (School of Library and Information Sciences)
  • Lala Hajibayova (School of Library and Information Sciences)
  • Eric Harvey
  • Yu-Ying Hu (Gender Studies)
  • Michael Lahey
  • Bradley Lane (Gender Studies)
  • Katherine Schweighofer (Gender Studies)
  • Shira Segal
  • Laura Speers (Telecommunications)
  • Jennifer Terrell (Informatics)
Undergraduate independent projects and honors theses:
  • Ginger Barnes
  • Allison Beaman
  • Anthony Catalino
  • Yinchin Chen
  • Nathan Click
  • Dustin Eagan
  • LaToya Garrett
  • Jessica Garvin
  • Gregory Ryan Briles
  • Sara Hardwick
  • Caitlin Hicks
  • Allison Lafferty
  • Mike Lang
  • Becky Levi
  • Joshua Love
  • Adele Marrs
  • Lauren Ready
  • Rebecca Russoniello
  • Aubrey Parker
  • Tykia Rodgers
  • Lindi Rubin
  • Amanda Sidney
  • Max Tolomei
  • Erin Wayne
  • Courtney Wiesenauer