The global digital assembly line has arrived

A version of this essay originally appeared in the Op-Ed Section of The Los Angeles Times, January 10, 2016 The global digital assembly line has arrived. Its workers labor at computer keyboards, performing the behind-the-scenes tasks that make the Internet appear intelligent and functional. They assign labels like “family” or “theme park” to photos, check … [Read more…]

Why LGBT Communities and Our Allies Should Care about Net Neutrality

The LGBT Technology Partnership released research that I co-authored with media scholar and sociologist Jessie Daniels earlier this year. In it, we lay out the reasons that LGBT-identifying individuals and our communities became early adopters of broadband technology and why the Internet continues to play such a pivotal part in our political and social lives. … [Read more…]

MSR Faculty Summit 2014 Ethics Panel Recap

[Cross-posted to the Social Media Collective] When the Facebook Emotions Study first made international news, I felt strongly (still do) that researchers, from those honing algorithms to people like me studying the social impact of media and technologies, need to come together. There are no easy answers or obvious courses of action. But we all … [Read more…]

When Science, Customer Service, and Human Subjects Research Collide. Now What?

I’m frustrated that the state of public intellectualism allows us, individually, to jump into the conversation about the recently published Facebook “Emotions” Study [1]. What we—from technology builders and interface designers to data scientists and ethnographers working in industry and at universities alike—really (really) need right now is to sit down together and talk. Pointing the finger … [Read more…]

A Message to the “First Responders” in Gay Kids’ Lives: Why We Need to Ditch the Politics of Blame, Stop Talking About “Cyberbullying,” and Move Toward Sharing Responsibility for the Loss of Tyler Clementi

Mary L. Gray Senior Researcher Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge, MA Versions of this post will be cross-posted to socialqueery; the Huffington Post; SocialMediaCollective; and Cultural Digitally Associate Professor of Communication and Culture, Indiana University Tyler Clementi’s death on 22 September 2010 was one of the first in a wave of highly publicized youth suicides that fall. … [Read more…]